Ultimaps February 2024 Release: Publish and Share and Community Maps

In our most recent update, we've rolled out a significant enhancement to Ultimaps, introducing Publish and Share feature, allowing our users to make their visualizations public and easily shareable through a link.

Let's dive deeper into this exciting feature.

Publish and Share

Imagine you've just crafted a compelling map chart (for example, a sales territory map), and you want to share it without actually embedding it on your site, e.g. on X (Twitter), Facebook or through a direct link. We've developed a solution for this – with our updated sharing settings, you can publish your map so that anyone with the link can access it.

Ultimaps Sharing Options

Community Maps

That's not all though. This feature has evolved into something far greater than initially anticipated – meet Community Maps. This platform is a hub for sharing our users' visual masterpieces. Think of it as the YouTube for maps. Every map you create can be made accessible to everyone and featured on our Community Maps platform.

While we're still refining a few aspects of this feature, the core functions are readily available to all users on our free plan.

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Published Mar 12, 2024